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Hi I’m Jessica Benjamin. I love a good story.

I was that child that sat listening to the grown-ups talk long after my sister and brothers ran outside to play. I was enthralled by stories of happiness, struggle, sacrifice and love.  Just from listening, I learned important life lessons.

My passion for family stories naturally led me to get involved in researching my family tree. A dear friend of mine took me to my first genealogy seminar and from there I was hooked.

Since then I have been climbing my family tree and discovering the stories that my ancestors have to tell.

I want to help others to write and record their family’s stories. It’s a daunting task, but I know if you are reading this, you are up for the challenge.

I want to help you learn:

  • The reasons why it’s important to write these stories down
  • Share with you tips that help you from being overwhelmed during the writing process.
  • Encourage you to tie your genealogy data to your story by giving unique ways to tell your story.

Together we can tell the story of a lifetime.

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