Help with your Genealogy Research is Here! Use this Free Planner

Now is the time to set some genealogy research goals for the new year! What’s that you say? You haven’t done that before? Having research goals will help to keep you on track while forging through the jungle of genealogical information. If you haven’t got goals set up, it can be all too easy toContinue reading “Help with your Genealogy Research is Here! Use this Free Planner”

What to do when you discover a shocking family secret

Drunks, dead beats, physical abusers, thieves, bootleggers. Drug dealers, con artists, prostitutes, shady characters. Suicides, rapists, child molesters, murderers. Digging into your family history you will find all kinds of people. Some people you will be proud of and others you will not. One of the most difficult decisions a family historian will make isContinue reading “What to do when you discover a shocking family secret”

Tips for a Successful Family Interview

With so many family gatherings within the next few weeks, this is the perfect time to gather information for your family’s story. I’m not saying you need to corner great Aunt Sylvia and hammer her with questions until her eyes glaze over. Please don’t do this; you would give family historians a bad name. IContinue reading “Tips for a Successful Family Interview”

5 places to research when you are stumped

You’ve hit a roadblock in your research. Not a huge one but a roadblock nonetheless.  So what is to be done? You could swear off doing genealogy ever again. You could take a breather from researching that person and turn your focus to someone else.  Or you could go back to the basics. I  knowContinue reading “5 places to research when you are stumped”

The Ultimate Guide on Finding and Contacting New Relatives + Email Scripts

Let me introduce you to one of my brick walls. His name is Chester Benjamin and he’s my great grandfather. I’ve been looking for a photo, a relative who knew him, anything for the last fifteen years. Researching his life became my mission. My great grandmother and her children are gone and my father onlyContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide on Finding and Contacting New Relatives + Email Scripts”

Stop Procrastinating! Write your family stories now

I write excruciatingly slow. Why? Because I am a professional procrastinator.  I have a horrible habit of writing a few sentences, only to get up to refill my coffee cup, then sit back down to write again, only to get back up within a few minutes. Why do I do this every time I write? Continue reading “Stop Procrastinating! Write your family stories now”

5 Reasons to write your family’s story

Genealogists are thrill seekers. Who else would enjoy piecing together a brittle yellow page from a dusty old scrapbook just so you can determine once and for all if the entry is really about your ancestor? Or the research high you got when you went line-by-line trying to decipher cursive handwriting from an ancestor’s willContinue reading “5 Reasons to write your family’s story”

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